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Manufacturer of diaphragm compressors engineered for high purity compression of rare, hazardous and industrial gases and gas mixtures, including silane, hydrogen, krypton and oxygen. PDC is also a leading provider of diaphragm compressors and system integrators for hydrogen fuel cell fueling stations. From fully self-contained turnkey units, to models designed for process integration, PDC offers a wide selection of models to meet your needs.
Designed for long service life and discharge pressures from 3 bar (50 psi) up to 3000 bar (45,000 psig), power from 2 Kw (3 hp) to 149 Kw (200 hp), PDC compressors are the right choice for high performance, low maintenance, contamination free gas compression.
  Some of the other features and benefits of PDC's Diaphragm Compressors  
Design pressures to over 4,100 abr / 60,000 psig  
Gas flow rates over 1,500 Sm3 / hour / 880 Scfm  
Fast - acting leak detectiono systems to indicate diaphragm and  
  seal failure  
Safe, non-flammable hydraulic fluid used for oxygen and other  
  oxidizing gas applications  
Process contacting merals are available in a variety of alloys for  
  compatibility with process gases  
Unique cavity design feature for low or high pressire operations  
Single and miltiple stage configurations for high compression  
Horizontally oppsed designs available for high-efficiency opration  
Electric and aire-driven models  
  Process contacting seals are available in a variety of elastomers  
  and ductile merals for compatibility with preocess gases  
Two independent PDC-4-600-3000 (150) compressors mountedon a common skid.
Two, 20 hp motors,18" & 20" diameter heads, Compressors are used in the semi-conductor industry.
PDC Advantage  
The advanced horizontally-opposed crankcase designs used in many of PDC's Duplex and 2-stage
compressors yield numerous advantages.
Energy efficiency
Easy maintenance
Minimal unbalanced forces diaphragm and seal
All compression loading on rod
Duplex units are capable of compressing
  different gases simutaneously
Reduced load on crankshaft bearings
No troublesome transition assembly
Duplex units that start up under high intel pressure
  without unloading
Low horsepower requirements
Pdc offers the fastest turnaround in the industry.
  We can typically deliver popular models in as little
  as 6 to 8 weeks.
Energy Efficient PDC Diaphragm Compressors - Duplex & 2 stage compressors
Two PDC-5-150-150 mounted on a common frame with common controls.
CE/ATEX compliant, winterization package,110 gallon Buffer tanks,PED compliant, 30” diameter heads.Compressor for recycling Syngas.
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