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The D-VTA 100-10 Video and Thermography System is a modular system for monitoring industrial high temperature processes. Intelligent sensors allow contactless, optical and thermal online analysis of processes in the combustion chamber.
Burning analysis and slag monitoring in power
Visualization of flame post combustion chambers
  and flame front monitoring in waste incineration
Monitoring ore calcination and hazaedous waste
  disposal in the chemical industry
Annealing and pusher furnace monitoring in the
  steel industry .
Scale formation and melting charge control in the
  glass industry
Durag - Video & Thermography System for Combustion Control
The Sensors have been specially developed for the harsh working conditions in insustrial combustions.The sensor housing contains the special boroscope as optical system, or the videoscope and the industrial CCs camera. In this design all electronic components are operated outsie the kiln area, in the cooled camera housing.
The slim, air or water-cooled sensor shaft (Ø43mm) minimises the mechnical stress (abrasive dust) and the thermal influence on the sensor parts in the combustion chamber.
the optical system is protected against mechnical and thermal damage by sapphire glass at the sensor tip, in addition to air flushing. As no moving parts (no mirrors, prisms or motors) are located in the process- oriented area, the sensors achieve a high availability with minimum servce requirement.
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