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  Analysis System
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Pneumatically oprated retraction systems with
  monitoring units for the cooling and flushing media
  including integrated air accumulator
Field control cabinet for control of the sensors,
  signal processing for the data and video transmi-
  ssion via fibre-optic cable to the control room.
System computer for temperature calculation,
  thermography presentation
video monitor for online colour display
The basic system comprises the above mentioned system components, without system computer. It enabies visual monitoring through real-time colour video display
Durag - Video & Thermography System for Combustion Control
Furnace Camera with
Retraction Unit (water-cooled)
The thermography system comprises the components of the video system plus the system computer with software modules. It operates as a spatial optical pyrometer on the basis of image data processing and offers. in addition to the video system.
Temperature determination of each visible image
  point of the video sensor
Thermal analysis of the local temperature
Temperature definition within freely definable
  measuring window and lines (ROI = Region of
  Interest / LOI = Line Of Interest).
Analysis of thermal samples to identify anoma-
  liesin the combustion process
Durag - Video & Thermography System for Combustion Control
Thermography screen
(waste incineration plant)
  All data of the thermography system can be transmitted to the process control system via a standardized data interface.  
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