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   Fuel Cell Technology
  Renewable energy and energy efficient technology are the keys to creating a cleaner environment. PDC diaphragm compressors are instrumental in the development of clean, renewable energy sources like hydrogen fuel cells systems, solar power, wind energy and biomass power.  
PDC Machines has partnered with governments and industries worldwide to promote and develop hydrogen fuel cell technology. Our decades of experience in the design and manufacture of hydrogen diaphragm compressor systems makes us the preferred choice when expertise is required for the packaging and integration of hydrogen fuel cell refueling stations.
PDC is the leading equipment packaging and integration provider for hydrogen refueling stations. We have installed more than 90 systems to date, representing 85% of the global total. Our diaphragm hydrogen compressors are used for fueling cars, buses and material handling equipment.
PDC's compressors re-circulate process gases for the production of polysilicon and other solar panel coatings and substrates. They also compress gases for crystalline and thin film photovoltaic (PV) cells and modules for solar energy applications.
" The solar industry will advance through a rapid transition in the development and research of materials, devices and processes. Pdc Machines, Inc compressors enable further advancements in our production efficiencies and enable us to decrease fabrication costs beyond that of traditional compressors, ultimately building a more competitive solar industry. "
—Dr. York Tsuo, President & CEO, AE Polysilicon Corporation.
Fueling hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars, buses and forklifts
Fueling storage of Fuel-Cells used in backup power generation
  in telecommunication towers and power plants
Residential re-fuelers for cars and power generation
Filling and off-loading process gases from tube trailers
Filling cylinders and bulk storage tanks with process gases
Compressing & re-cycling process gases from renewable sources
Wind to hydrogen power
Solar energy
Biomass energy
PDC Diaphragm Compressors - Leading Providers of Diaphargm Compressors & System Integrators for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Fueling Stations
  Fuel Cell Technology
With over 30 years of experience in high-pressure system integration and process knowledge, we are the preferred source for component and systems packaging for hydrogen fueling applications. Our extensive experience ranges from alternative energy catalyst research and polymer and specialty chemical development, to innovative process development research.
  Our clients include:  
Air Liquide Fiba Technologies
Air Products and Chemicals Honda
Air Water Hyradix
Arizona Public Service Hydrogenics
Centre for Renewable Energy Sources (CRES) ISE Research
Greece Linde ( BOC)
DaimlerChrysler AG Nippon Sanso
Distributed Energy Systems (Proton Energy) Plug Power
Dynetek Industries Quantum Technologies Worldwide
Energy Conversion Devices Schatz Energy Research
SunLine Transit Agency Teledyne Energy Systems
The Japan Steel Works University of Victoria
Ztek Corporation   and many more......
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