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   Pressure Vessels
PDC constructs stirred reactors and pressure vessels from most machinable alloys. Capacities range from 50 cc to 500 gallons (2 m3). Agitated reactor design pressures range from full vacuum to 150,000 psig (10,300 barg). Temperatures range from -400 °F to 2,500 °F ( -200 °C to 1,400 °C).
Each stirred reactor is a complete system. This includes the reactor vessel, supporting stand, agitation assembly (magnetic stirrer, drive motor, belt, belt guard, impeller and digital tachometer), multiple process connections, drain, sample tube, temperature sensor, cooling coil and rupture disc assembly. Heating system and controls are optional.
We offer a complete skid mounted stirred reactor system complete with product loading, feed, reaction and receiving modules, mass balance and product analysis. We also offer a variety of controls from simple manual controls to advanced PC-based SCADA and DCS. Please refer to our pilot plant section for additional information.
Interested in a quote on a PDC stirred reactor? Please use our Stirred Reactor and Pressure Vessel Selection Guide to help you specify your stirred reactor or pressure vessel.
PDC Machines supplies advanced instrumentation and control packages providing precise data acquisition to automatically record and manipulate multiple process parameters such as data logging, alarm monitoring, real-time and historical trending. These features are essential for predictable and repeatable process performance and scale-up. Our control packages are designed to be easily re-configured for flexibility and to adapt to developments in new technology.
We combine the talents of process consultants, instrumentation and controls experts from various sources including Honeywell, Allen Bradley, Rosemont, Fisher, Siemens, Wonderware®, Intellution®, Cimplicity®, Think & Do®, LabVIEW®, and RSView® to name just a few.
  Our clients include:  
Air Products and Chemicals Chevron Phillips Chemical Co
Akzo Nobel Chemicals Celanese Chemicals
Bayer Corp Cook Composites & Polymers
he Dow Chemical Co E.I. Du Pont
Engelhard Corp ExxonMobil Chemical Co
General Electric Corporate R&D Omnova Solutions
International Specialty Products Penford Products Co
Rohm & Haas PQ Corp
Sartomar Co Witco Chemical Corp.
Saudi Arabia Basic Industries (SABIC) W.L. Gore & Associates
  Pressure Vessels
PDC has helped companies develop and capitalize on technical innovation and react quickly to new market opportunities. Our pressure vessels and reactors provide our clients with leading-edge technology tools for research and production in industries including:
  Specialty Chemicals   Petroleum Refining
Materials Synthesis Alkylation
Crystallization Fluid Catalytic Cracking
Gas & Liquid Synthesis Gas to Liquids
Oxidation/Reduction Hydrotreating
Nitration Isomerization
Halogenation Reforming
  Food Processes   Laboratory
Solid blending Catalyst development
Starch processing Multipurpose
Hydrogenation/Dehydrogenation Batch to continuous-flow scale up
  Pharmaceuticals   Supercritical Extractions
Separation Food
Chiral selectivity Fragrances
Parallel synthesis Tobacco
Multi-step processing Coal
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