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   Syringe Pumps
PDC's syringe pumps are designed to deliver liquids at a constant flow rate and a constant output pressure. Fluctuations in the flow rate and output pressure are minimal. We design simplex and duplex for batch and continuous operations. Accuracy and repeatability of flow is 0.05%.
In a simplex syringe pump, a fluid contained in a body or pump head is forced into the process system with a plunger. A syringe pump is a type of positive displacement pump. Syringe pumps excel at injecting fluid at a volumetric flow rate (generally slow) without generating any pressure pulsations. Depending on seal design, syringe pumps are capable of pumping to very high pressures (up to 60,000 psig /4,100 barg).
Two simplex pumps can be coupled together to create a continuous pulse-less feed duplex pump.
 Duplex Syringe Pumps
  Barrel sizes range from 125cc to 1500 cc and can be built in accordance to customer specified materials, which are compatible to the process. For example, stainless steel, Inconel®, Monel® or Hastelloy®.  
The output flow rate can be adjusted to any desired value within a specified range. Flow rates can be entered via the operator inter-face. This flow control system is calibrated specifically to each pump. Please refer to the Specifications section for a selection of typical flow rate ranges (up to 400 ml/min).
PDC's syringe pumps will displace any liquid that can be moved into the pump head. Limitation on the liquid may include ones with abrasives or suspended particles. The pump is certainly capable of moving liquids with abrasives and suspended particles, however, abrasives may shorten the seal and plunger life, and the particles may fall out in the pump head since a syringe pump has a slow moving plunger.
The extent of instrumentation typically depends upon the customer's requirements. PDC can provide basic or very sophisticated control packages can tailor these systems to the customer's needs. This flexibility prevents the user from being forced into using an off the shelf pump with a fixed configuration.
 Syringe Pumps Control Panel
PDC's pulse-less, continuous feed syringe pumps are ideal for use in laboratories,
pilot plants and industrial production applications when there is a need for:
Consistent & extremely accurate pulseless flow
Constant output pressure
Rugged & continuous duty operation
 ABB Duplex Syringe Pumps
  Our clients include:  
Atofina E-Ink
Air Liquide ExxonMobil
Aristech Lucent Technologies
Dupont Texas Petrochemicals
Nova Chemicals    
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