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Flame Monitors

Combustion Technology

Our products ensure safe ignition and controlled combustion, as well as control and monitoring of various combustion systems.

flame monitors

Flame monitors

Our flame monitors, the combination of flame sensor and control unit, are a core element of the safety engineering of combustion technology plants: They assess in a fail-safe manner the existence of a burner flame and, moreover, measure its properties and stability.


Gas or Oil-Fired Igniters

We supply compact igniters with integrated ionization flame monitor and high voltage ignition. With high flexibility in product design and versions, and a wide output range (2–6000 kW for gas and 100–3600 kW for oil), we can configure the right igniter for any application in industry.

Flame Sensors

Flame Sensors

Flame sensors convert the characteristic properties of the flame into an electric signal. They are applied for the monitoring of flames from various fuels and for applications with one or Many burners. UV, VIS, or IR flame sensor for combination with a control unit or burner control. 

Furnace Cameras

Our furnace cameras are inserted into the combustion chamber through the furnace or boiler wall to deliver a wide view of the process and the combustion. Due to the non automatic but remotely controlled exposure time radiation changes of the process or the flame can be detected immediately.


Our thermography software measures the temperature distribution from the video delivered by the furnace camera.  Measuring points (ROIs) can be freely defined by positioning the mouse in the image. The software can be expanded with a range of modules for various applications.

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