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Hydrogen Gas Connector

Industrial Hydrogen Gas Generator

Designed for easy installation and for safe, reliable, unattended operation, we offers on-site, on demand industrial gas generators to supply ultrapure hydrogen and oxygen for a variety of applications including: Green Hydrogen, power plant cooling, metal processing, float glass manufacturing, wholesale gas, chemical, and semiconductor production.

Multiple generators can be used to meet specific gas requirements and redundancy needs. Our engineering team routinely designs and provides necessary support equipment, piping, and conduit systems for turn-key hydrogen plants.

Explore our range of hydrogen gas generators by sukan that exemplify reliability, performance, and environmental responsibility, setting new benchmarks for the industry. Partner with us to embark on a journey towards cleaner energy solutions with hydrogen gas at the forefront of industrial progress.

HMXT Systems


Ultrapure Hydrogen gas generation, designed for continuous operation for flow rates up to 11.2 Nm3/hr per unit.

EL Systems


Fully automatic large scale systems for ultrapure Hydrogen gas generation up to 78 Nm3/hr per unit.

H2 Oasis


Self-contained hydrogen plant in prefabricated shelters that can be situated anywhere that hydrogen production is required.

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