Solenoid Valve

Solenoid Valve

We provide customized, highly engineered flow control solutions for a variety of applications including water, steam, wastewater, oil, and a number of media. We have the products, facilities, trained personnel, and engineering resources to supply all your valve and automation needs. We indeed have Capabilities including system designing and project management.

The ASCO Series 210 is a line of economical, high-flow solenoid valves for liquid, corrosive, and air/inert gas service. With a wide range of pressure ratings, sizes, and resilient materials, the ultra-reliable 2-way valves provide long service life and low internal leakage. Industrial applications include car wash equipment, air compressors, pumps, laundry equipment, and industrial water control.

ASCO 411 Series Miniature Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 411 line of miniature solenoid valves deliver up to twice as many cycles of reliable, repeatable performance versus the competition when used in medical devices, analytical products, and instrumentation. They also offer 12% to 15% lighter weight, plus better performance for the same power — critical in battery-operated portable devices. 

ASCO™ 327 3/2-Way Solenoid Valve

The ASCO Series 327 is a line of high-flow piloting valves requiring zero minimum operating pressure. Its balanced poppet construction permits high flows at minimum power levels, making it ideal for power plants, refineries, and chemical processing facilities. The valve’s PTFE rider rings and graphite-filled seals reduce friction and eliminate sticking to provide exceptional service life.

ASCO™ 221 Slow-Closing Water Solenoid Valve

The ASCO Series 221 with its unique slow-closing design, provides higher flow while increasing throughput in commercial applications. It reduces inventory by accommodating both hot and cold-water service, and is designed for quick, easy maintenance. Apply the 221 Series with confidence in high and low-temperature applications found in laundries, molding, sterilizers and autoclaves.

ASCO™ Series 238 Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 238 is a line of general service valves designed to handle air, inert gas, water, and light oil. The 2-way pilot-operated valve’s compact construction saves space, reduces installation time, and simplifies service while its short stroke increases cycle life. The 238 Series is suitable for air ride suspension systems, commercial kitchen and laundry equipment, packaging, and water and wastewater systems.

ASCO Series 220 Steam and Hot Water Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 220 steam and hot water valves provides up to 60% more flow than competitive offerings. That means a 3/4-inch valve flow from ASCO equals the competitors 1-inch flow. The Series 220 floating PTFE diaphragm provides positive sealing and improved durability – up to four times longer than other valves. Its threaded bonnet is easy to remove for quick inspection and serviceability reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

ASCO™ Series 316 Solenoid Valve

The ASCO Series 316 is a line of high flow, general service solenoid valves, which can be used to pilot large actuators and provide quick closing of large control valves. The diaphragm poppet design is suitable for controlling air, inert gas and liquids. Its resilient seating achieves tight shutoff.

ASCO™ Series 043 Gas Shutoff Valves

The ASCO Series 043 are 2-way, normally closed gas shutoff valves for on-off control of fuel gas in commercial and industrial gas burners. The valves feature a unique double-disc design with over travel that provides redundant sealing for leak-tight operation. The Series 043 includes visual position indication and proof of closure.

ASCO™ 353 Pulse Solenoid Valve

The ASCO Series 353 is a solenoid pilot operated diaphragm valve specially designed to deliver extremely fast pulsing in reverse-jet dust collector systems. With its high flow rates, higher peak pressure and the fastest response times on the market it delivers optimal filter cleaning performance, while using significantly less air. 

ASCO™ Series 342 General Service Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 342-S is a line of high-flow, slide-style valves available with single or dual solenoids. Its direct-acting operation and high-flow construction make it ideal for analytic and diagnostic equipment, biofuels, dust collector systems, heating equipment, and refining applications.

ASCO™ Series 222 Steam Valves

The ASCO Series 222 solenoid valves are designed for high-temperature applications found in commercial laundry and kitchen equipment, molding, steam atomization sterilizer, and autoclave applications. The pilot-operated valves come with a Y-body floating piston or diaphragm design for durability and reliability.

ASCO™ Series 321 Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 321 valves are designed for quick venting to 0 psi through their external orifice. Air is exhausted to rapidly shift control valves. The pilot-operated valves have resilient seated poppets for tight shutoff. They are well suited for refining, chemical, and food and beverage applications that require a quick-exhaust valve.

ASCO™ 223 High-Pressure Solenoid Valve

The ASCO Series 223 is a solenoid pilot-operated valve designed for high-pressure applications such as car washes. The rugged valve has a unique piston construction built to withstand high-flow pressures up to 1500 psi.

ASCO™ Series 214 Gas Shutoff Valves

The ASCO Series 214 gas shutoff valves are specifically designed for on-off control of fuel gas in commercial and industrial gas burners. Their unique double-disc design with over travel provides redundant sealing for leak-tight shutoff on pilot or main gas lines. A double-solenoid gas train provides an exceptionally small footprint for space constrained applications. 

ASCO™551 Solenoid Spool Valve

The ASCO Series 551 is a line of compact solenoid spool valves that are ideal for controlling air or inert gas in challenging environments. The valves’ unique design combines hard T-seals and flexible O-rings that provide bubble-tight shutoff, dirt resistance, and multi-million cycle reliability. The 551 Series comes in anodized aluminum, brass, and stainless steel bodies with ¼-inch NPT and BSP connections. 

ASCO™ Series 231 Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 231 is a family of solenoid valves designed to meet nuclear power station requirements. The valves are used in fluid servo and remote control systems and are engineered to provide an extremely long life time.

ASCO™ Series 040 Gas Shut Off Valve

The ASCO Series 040 are highly reliable gas safety shutoff valves for pilot or main control of commercial and industrial gas burners found in generators, heating equipment, and ovens. The valves are designed with 2-way, normally closed operation and are provided with 1/8-inch NPT upstream and downstream pipe taps with plugs for routine testing.

ASCO RB Series Miniature Valves

The ASCO Series RB is a line of miniature solenoid valves designed for use with air and inert gases. Their compact, lightweight architecture and low power consumption make them ideal for portable medical devices. The valves exceptional service lifetime of over 500 million cycles significantly increases OEM instrument reliability. 

ASCO™ Series 314 Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 314 is a line of direct acting, general service solenoid valves which can be used as moderate flow pilots for smaller control valves and actuators. With only a spring and two moving parts, the valve is ideal for basic three-way piloting operation It is suitable for analytical and diagnostic equipment, automotive, bottling, dust collector system, and life science applications.

ASCO™ 320 3-Way Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 320-s are general-service solenoid valves designed for a broad range of applications. The direct-acting valves are available in voltage-ranging, harsh-environment, direct-mount, dribble-control, and long-life constructions. They are suitable for use in analytical and diagnostic equipment, dust collector systems, life sciences, and press room and metal stamping.

ASCO™ Series 215 Aluminum Body Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 215 is an aluminum body, lightweight solenoid valve for high flow, low-pressure air or gas service. The pilot operated construction works from zero pressure differential with resilient soft seating for tight shut off. Optional long-life design eliminates metal-to-metal contact to extend life up to 20 million cycles. The 215 Series is ideal for vacuum service and heating equipment applications.

ASCO™ Series 256 Compact Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 256 solenoid valves are designed for shutoff control for a wide range of Industrial and commercial industry applications. The valves have a range of third-party approvals for applications ranging from fuel oil and gas burners to potable water and food service applications. Their compact design fits in tight spaces, they are mountable in any position and are available in multiple manifold configurations. 

ASCO™ Series 362 Spool Valves

The ASCO Series 362 spool valves is designed for control valve automation in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets. The valves incorporate ASCO´s proven solenoid technology for unequaled reliability in mission-critical applications. The Series 362 is a three-way valve made for single-acting process valve applications. It is available in 1/4-inch through 1-inch, brass and 316L stainless steel constructions for corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

ASCO™ Series 345 Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 345 is a low-cost line of 4-way general service valves that are designed for low-flow applications. The valves are commonly used in analytical and diagnostic equipment, biofuel and heating systems, and refineries.

ASCO™ Series 307 Solenoid Pilot Valves

The ASCO Series 307-S is a line of solenoid pilot valves designed for heavy-duty industrial applications in hostile environments. Their high flow capacity, rugged stainless steel or brass constructions, and long service life are especially well suited for use in drilling rigs and refineries. The valves are ATEX 94/9/EC Directive approved.

ASCO™ Series 030 Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 030 is a direct acting low-pressure solenoid valve with up to 15 psi (1 Bar) maximum differential. Valves available in brass or stainless steel, normally open or normally closed and pipe sizes 3/8-inch thru 3/4. They are widely used for dispensing, collating, vacuum holding, tank draining and gas shutoff applications. The normally open version is well suited for gas venting.

ASCO™ Series 317 Quick-Exhaust Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 317 is a line of solenoid valves designed for quick venting to 0 psi through the exhaust orifice to quickly shift control valves. The valves are available in low-power, intrinsically safe, voltage-ranging, and harsh environment constructions. The 317 Series is suitable for a wide variety of applications such as automotive, analytic and diagnostic instruments, biofuels, dust collector systems, and heating equipment.

ASCO™ Series 292 Valves

The ASCO Series 292 is a line of compact aluminium flanged bodied dual-flow valves designed specifically for petrol vending applications. The valves offers three flow positions: full flow, low flow, and shut off.

ASCO™ Series 356 Solenoid Valves

The ASCO Series 356 solenoid valves have a lightweight, compact design for the control of single-acting actuators or filling or draining cycles. The brass or stainless steel constructions feature a wide range of elastomers and tight shutoff poppets for specialty service applications.

ASCO™ Advanced Redundant Control System

The ASCO Series ARCS is specially designed redundant solution for emergency shut down valves (ON/OFF valves)(1) and various redundant configurations (1oo2, 2oo2 and 2oo3) to meet both safety and availability. The ASCO ARCS 2oo3 redundant solenoid valve piloting system combines the advantages of both 1oo2 and 2oo2 systems to achieve a high level of process safety and reliability.

ASCO RCS Series Redundant Control System

The ASCO Series RCS redundant control system is a pilot valve system with no single point of failure that can result in unwanted closure of the process valve. It is suitable for use in SIL 3 applications and greatly reduces spurious trip rates. The ASCO Series RCS achieves a higher level of process safety and reliability by using a redundant, fault-tolerant architecture, high diagnostic coverage, and automated testing.

ASCO™ L133 General Purpose Solenoid Valves

ASCO Series L133 general purpose valves are designed to control water, air, inert gases, steam and non-aggressive fluids. These valves can be used for wide range of industrial applications. These valves are available in 2/2 or 3/2 normally closed, open or universal service versions plus proportional control and latching versions.

ASCO™ 202 Posiflow Solenoid Valve

The ASCO Series 202 Posiflow solenoid valves are designed to proportionally control the flow of air and inert gases by varying the electrical input signal to the coil. The valves large orifice sizes make them extremely versatile across multiple life science applications, including respiratory therapy, gas chromatography, blood pressure monitoring, and anesthesia delivery equipment. The 202 Series Posiflow valves compact, frictionless architecture saves valuable space in analytical and medical instrumentation.

ASCO Numatics 603 Series Proportional Valve Control Electronics

The ASCO Numatics ControlD is a stand-alone control device used for open-loop, closed-loop, or dual-loop (cascaded) process control. It is designed to control proportional valves by regulating the current to the valve´s solenoid coil. Control loop parameters can be customized for an application using DigiCom software (included). The device is suitable for the control of flow, pressure, temperature, and force.  

ASCO 602 Series Proportional Valves

The ASCO Series 602 are proportional valves without integrated control electronics. The valves can be used in an open control loop with a control unit or in a closed control loop with a CONTROLD control device and an external sensor. A modular arrangement of the individual components (proportional valve, control device, sensor) can be of advantage in special applications such as high ambient temperature environments.

ASCO Numatics 607 Series FlowtronicD Proportional Valves

The ASCO Numatics Series 607 FlowtronicD is a line of proportional valves with pressure sensor units and digital control electronics. Valve control loop parameters can be optimized for the application with easy-to-use FlowCom software. The Numatics Series 607 valves are designed for applications with continually varying flow requirements. Typical applications include paint coating, mixing of gases in process control, packaging and food processing, surface finishing and materials coating, burner control systems, and fuel cell technology.

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