Pneumatic Cylinders & Actuators

We provide customized, highly engineered flow control solutions for a variety of applications including water, steam, wastewater, oil, and a number of media. We have the products, facilities, trained personnel, and engineering resources to supply all your valve and automation needs. We indeed have Capabilities including system designing and project management.

AVENTICS™ PRA Pneumatic Cylinders

The AVENTICS Series PRA (ISO 15552) cylinders have a compact design profile with integrated sensor slots. The Series PRA (ISO 15552) cylinders can be used for all industries. This includes general automation technology, machine and systems construction, as well as specific industry applications.

AVENTICS™ Series TRB Tie rod cylinders (ISO 15552)

The AVENTICS Series TRB (ISO 15552) cylinders are among the most frequently implemented in industries where heavy duty cylinders are required, such as wood and aluminium, steel and automotive, heavy-duty machinery and mining to name just a few.

AVENTICS™ Series ITS Tie rod cylinders (ISO 15552)

The AVENTICS Series ITS (ISO 15552) cylinders are often chosen when extremely large loads need to be moved efficiently and under control with the familiar ease of operation. The Series ITS (ISO 15552) cylinders are easily configurable to your application needs.

AVENTICS™ Series CVI Cylinder valve units

The AVENTICS Series CVI is a cylinder valve unit with two ISO cylinder Series and five freely combinable valve Series, you can custom-configure individual units online. Cylinder valve units provide a solution for integrated, decentralized pneumatic applications, such as flap controls in large-scale facilities.

AVENTICS™ CCI Compact Cylinders

The AVENTICS Series CCI (ISO 21287) cylinders stand for innovative, compact construction and an easy to clean design. The Series CCI (ISO 21287) is ideal for long strokes and increased requirements for optimized cycle times and moving masses. The sensors can be installed quickly and easily on all sides and over the entire cylinder lengths.

AVENTICS™ Series KPZ Compact cylinders

The AVENTICS Series KPZ is a compact cylinders based on the widely used standard NFE 49 004. It offer a wide variety of variants and are suitable for a multitude of applications thanks to their sizing.

AVENTICS™ Series KHZ Short-stroke cylinders

The AVENTICS Series KHZ is a non-standard short-stroke cylinder ideal for tight installation spaces and ensure easy, safe integration in machinery.

AVENTICS™ Series SSI Short-stroke cylinders (ISO 15524)

The AVENTICS Series SSI are short stroke cylinders in accordance with the latest ISO standard 15524. The cylinders are compact and up to 30% lighter than comparable cylinders thanks to weight optimized profiles. In addition, they provide a high degree of flexibility in sensor assembly and extremely effective elastic cushioning.

AVENTICS™ Series MNI Mini cylinders (ISO 6432)

The AVENTICS Series MNI (ISO 6432) round cylinders for general machine construction are characterized by its robust and long service life.

AVENTICS™ Series RPC Round cylinders

The AVENTICS Series RPC round profile cylinders offer a wide variety of connection options. They are easy to clean and suitable for packaging applications in the food industry due to food grade lubricants. The Series RPC can also be used in standard applications across machine automation needs.

AVENTICS™ Series CCL-IC Standard cylinders (ISO 21287)

The AVENTICS Series CCL-IC (ISO 21287) cylinders with their compact and clean design can be used in a wide range of applications. Their smooth surface together with their materials, such as anodized aluminium, stainless steel, and NSF-H1 lubricants, make the cylinder ideal for the demanding requirements in the food and beverage industry

AVENTICS™ Series CCL-IS Standard cylinders (ISO 15552)

The AVENTICS Series CCL-IS (ISO 15552) cylinder in clean design is produced specifically for packaging applications in the food industry. It is characterized by practical sensor mountings and its clean design combines efficient, simple cleaning with low maintenance cycles.

AVENTICS™ Series CSL-RD Stainless Steel Round Cylinders (ISO 6432)

The AVENTICS Series CSL-RD (ISO 6432) cylinder is a stainless-steel round cylinder, configurable in three different designs: standard, hygienic and short. The Series CSL-RD (ISO 6432) has a smooth profile and low surface roughness made of stainless steel.

AVENTICS™ Series ICM Mini cylinders

The AVENTICS Series ICM is a mini cylinder and cost-efficient solution for high corrosion resistance and reliability – even in harsh environments. The cylinder tube and piston rod are made of stainless steel, the cylinder covers are fashioned from a high-quality polymer.

AVENTICS™ Series ICS-D2 Stainless Steel Round Cylinders

The AVENTICS Series ICS is a stainless steel cylinder with hygienic design with smooth surfaces, interlocking seals and cushioning screws prevents dirt pockets from the outset and guarantees optimum cleaning conditions.

AVENTICS™ Series RTC Rodless cylinders

The AVENTICS Series RTC rodless cylinders offer optimized stroke length in a compact size. The unique oval piston shape and one-piece slide/piston unit are just two characteristic features of RTC Series rodless cylinders besides their many common equipment options. They are available in four variants: as a basic version, slide bearing, compact guide and heavy duty versions for large loads. With different key strengths, they cover a large range of movements and positions.

AVENTICS™ Series CKP Rodless cylinders

The AVENTICS Series CKP cylinders provide sturdy, ultra-precise guiding with excellent repeatability and are ideal for applications requiring the movement of heavy loads in space-critical machine environments.

AVENTICS™ Series GSU Guided slide units

AVENTICS Series GSU cylinders are the ideal basis for many handling systems. Stroke length and stroke position can be set variably along the entire length of the guided slide unit – individually from both sides, underscoring the great flexibility during installation. Their very low height and the option of ventilation from one side improve their integration capacity.

AVENTICS™ Series MSC Guide cylinders

The AVENTICS Series MSC mini slides have a compact design, require minimal installation space and can be optimally configured for virtually any automated handling task. A wide range of configuration options make the mini slide a truly universal handling component. Precise and reliable operation, coupled with a custom configuration and tailored to the specific application – these attributes allow the mini slides to assume the actuator role in efficient handling. The Series MSC offers high torque absorption and maximum stability.

AVENTICS™ Series GPC Guide cylinders

The AVENTICS Series GPC is distinguished by high side load capacity and torsion protection. The drive and guide rods are robust and precise with high torque and transverse force absorption.

AVENTICS™ Series MSN Guide cylinders

The AVENTICS Series MSN mini slides offer precise guidance without play in a very narrow package. With their wide variety of mounting and air supply options the Series allows for applications in virtually any position and location.

AVENTICS™ Series TWC Double piston cylinders

The AVENTICS Series TWC is a compact and powerful cylinder with its double piston offering also an high non-rotating accuracy.

AVENTICS™ Series RCM Rotary compact modules

The AVENTICS Series RCM with its rotary modules can perform all standardized rotary and swivel movements. These modules can be installed directly on mini slides and are equipped with mechanical grippers.

AVENTICS™ Series TRR Rotary actuators

The AVENTICS Series TRR is a rotary cylinder based on two ISO cylinders and a rack and pinion gearbox to generate high torques with adjustable angle.

AVENTICS™ Series RAK Rotary wing drives

The AVENTICS Series RAK is an efficient and easy way to generate torque from compressed air, in a very compact size. They are ideal for the compact applications in a wide range of industries such as, packaging, process, electronics etc.

AVENTICS™ Series UPG Grippers

The AVENTICS Series UPG is a 2-finger parallel gripper characterized by its high gripping forces, precision, and exact movement of the clamping jaws. They can be selected based on the application requirements and flexibly equipped with object-specific gripper fingers.

AVENTICS™ Series BCP Bellows actuators

The AVENTICS Series BCP cylinders are bellow actuators with firmly flanged steel covers and bellows made of natural rubber in the standard version. The heat-resistant version is distinguished by bellows made of epichlorohydrin rubber (ECO) and the corrosion-resistant version by stainless steel covers (V2A).

AVENTICS™ Series BCC Bellows actuators

The AVENTICS Series BCC cylinders are bellow cylinders with removable mounting parts. Users have the option of replacing the rubber bellows themselves. Mounting via internal thread or threaded bolt.

AVENTICS™ Series BCR Bellows actuators

The AVENTICS Series BCR bellow cylinders are designed for applications that require very high forces with a mounting ring (no covers) and bellows made of natural rubber elastomer for direct mounting to suitable connection surfaces in the system. Therefore, the connection geometry is freely configurable.

AVENTICS™ Series BRB Bellows actuators

The AVENTICS Series BRB cylinders are the cost-optimized variant for lower loads. They are hose rolling lobe air actuators with plastic connecting parts and bellows made of chloroprene elastomer. The Series BRB is distinguished by its lightweight and virtually constant force output over the stroke range.

AVENTICS™ Series SWN Screw-in cylinders

The AVENTICS Series SWN is a cartridge cylinder and thus can implemented in tight space.

AVENTICS™ Series RDC Diaphragm and piston actuators

The AVENTICS Series RDC is flexible diaphragm cylinders with low friction, and can be actuated at low pressure. These cylinders permit precise balancing of forces, particularly in finely-tuned systems.

AVENTICS™ Series 102 Diaphragm type cylinder

The AVENTICS Series 102 is cost-efficient solution to generate high forces for press application for example.

AVENTICS™ Series 167 Tie-rod cylinder

The AVENTICS Series 167 is a tie rod cylinder according ISO 6431 and offers the highest robustness for tough environment.

AVENTICS™ Series C12P Tie rod cylinders

The AVENTICS Series C12P is a cylinder Series according the standard CNOMO NFE 49-001 and offer a replacement for existing application.

AVENTICS™ Clevis mountings

AVENTICS™ Bearing blocks

AVENTICS™ Rear eyes

AVENTICS™ Series AA4 Bolts

AVENTICS™ Foot mountings

AVENTICS™ Flange mountings

AVENTICS™ Nuts for cylinder mounting

AVENTICS™ Intermediate flanges

AVENTICS™ Rod clevises

AVENTICS™ Ball eye rod ends

AVENTICS™ Flexible couplings

AVENTICS™ Nuts for piston rods

AVENTICS™ Piston rod extensions

AVENTICS™ Modular Scraper Systems and Front Lube Unit

The AVENTICS Modular scraper system and front lube unit offer more flexibility by implementing a different scraper model with the same cylinder if yours needs changing. They are available separately as spare parts with fully installed seals and bushings and can be exchanged at any time, quickly and easily, without removing the cylinder.

AVENTICS™ Series HU1 Holding units

The AVENTICS Series HU1 is a an holding unit using spring force. Holding cartridge can be exchanged in case of wear.

AVENTICS™ Series LU1 Locking units

The AVENTICS Series LU1 is a an holding unit using eccentric movement to hold the piston rod in any position.

AVENTICS™ Series LU6 Locking units

The AVENTICS Series LU6 is a mechanical locking unit/brake for piston rods in pneumatic cylinders according to ISO 15552 or comparable round bars. It is a safety component in accordance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (CE mark) and can be used in safety-relevant controls.

AVENTICS™ Guide units

AVENTICS™ Series SA1 Industrial shock absorbers

AVENTICS™ Series SA2 Industrial shock absorbers

The AVENTICS Series SA2 industrial shock absorbers were created for AVENTICS actuators. They Series SA2 decelerate reliably moving masses and thereby increase process speed, production quality, the service life of production facilities and reduce operating noise.

AVENTICS™ Series Easy-2-Combine Interface

AVENTICS™ Series SM6 Distance measuring sensors

AVENTICS™ Series SM6-AL Distance measuring sensors

AVENTICS™ Series PRA Profile cylinders with sensor

Numatics CGT Series Guide Slide

AVENTICS™ Series 494 Position Indicator

AVENTICS™ Series KPZ-SC Stopper Compact Cylinders

AVENTICS™ Series CCI-SC Stopper Compact Cylinders

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