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We provide customized, highly engineered flow control solutions for a variety of applications including water, steam, wastewater, oil, and a number of media. We have the products, facilities, trained personnel, and engineering resources to supply all your valve and automation needs. We indeed have Capabilities including system designing and project management.

ASCO™ 223 High-Pressure Solenoid Valve

The ASCO Series 223 is a solenoid pilot-operated valve designed for high-pressure applications such as car washes. The rugged valve has a unique piston construction built to withstand high-flow pressures up to 1500 psi.

AVENTICS™ Series SPA Smart Pneumatics Analyzer

The AVENTICS Smart Pneumatics Analyzer monitors pneumatic installations and systems and visualizes the analyzed data. The integrated IIoT edge gateway with PACEdge continuously records the data from the integrated sensors of the air preparation unit and provides actionable insights.

AVENTICS™ Series SPM Smart Pneumatics Monitor

The AVENTICS Smart Pneumatics Monitor is the central module for networked pneumatics. It provides you with reliable information on the state of wear of actuators as well as on the energy efficiency of your pneumatic systems – without the need to involve machine controls. 

ASCO Numatics EDV Series Condensate Drain Valves

The Numatics Series EDV condensate drain valves eliminate the manual draining of pneumatic air lines. The drain valves are designed to remove condensation from filters, receiver tanks, separators, drip legs, drain traps, and dryers at electronically controlled intervals. Their large orifice allows even the largest rust and pipe scale particles to be easily expelled.

ASCO™ Electronically Enhanced Coil

The electronically enhanced coil is the future of solenoid valve technology, designed and manufactured to provide new capabilities. It provides lower operating cost, and represents an advancement in the performance, reliability, and ruggedness that you have come to expect from ASCO.

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