Pneumatics and Accessories

Valves and valve Automation

We provide customized, highly engineered flow control solutions for a variety of applications including water, steam, wastewater, oil, and a number of media. We have the products, facilities, trained personnel, and engineering resources to supply all your valve and automation needs. We indeed have Capabilities including system designing and project management.

Pneumatic Cylinders & Actuators

Pneumatic cylinders use inlets to inject air in a closed cylinder chamber, where its compressed force acts on an actuator (typically a piston or rod) that moves in a linear motion.

Pneumatic Valves & Valve Systems

We provide reliable and innovative pneumatics solutions, we offer an extensive portfolio of cylinders, valves, air preparation, and pressure regulators, engineered in Germany.

Air Preparation

Air preparation products include filters, regulators, and lubricators in a broad line of high-flow, modular solutions.

Smart Technologies

IIoT enabled pneumatic solutions that turn machine data into actionable insights.

Vacuum Technologies

Vacuum and gripper technologies that handles the most delicate materials in automated applications, with modular components 


Sensors and accessories to monitor critical parameters of pneumatic applications.


Accessories for pneumatic valves and systems.

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